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Dairy produce


For - the world over - many a product with the "Isigny" stamp can be found generously accompanying a slice of fresh bread or toast.

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Vache laitière normande © Mme ParisAOc du beurre d'IsignyThe area is famed for its quality raw butter since the 16th century. And since then, its reputation has never failed. Isigny fresh milk and its by-products (butter, cream, cheese...) are awarded with many prizes every year, in particular the prestigious Concours Général Agricole in Paris. In 1986, Isigny cream and butter were awarded with an AOC - controlled designation of origin quality label.

So what's the secret behind their success? First and foremost, a top quality basic ingredient. Isigny-Grandcamp's dairy cows graze in particularly favourable pastures: their soil is rich in clay and alluvium. Trace elements from the sea and the surrounding rivers also contribute to the production of milk with a high fat content.

concours-agricoleThese natural factors combined with local skills and know-how are behind the delicious taste of the Isigny-Sainte-Mère dairy cooperative's produce, and contribute to ensuring a long life for our world-renowned tradition.

Reference: Torres F., Isigny, l’expression d’un terroir, Ed. Hirle, 2009.