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The Cotentin and Bessin Marshland natural regional park

A vast landscape of prairies, punctuated with dikes, where cows peacefully graze, a little egret takes flight, as the typical cob (raw earth) houses keep a watchful eye on the fauna and flora... such is the tranquil setting of the Cotentin and Bessin marshlands.

Les marais de Canchy © isignygrandcampintercom

In the winter, the marshlands are totally transformed and referred to as the "white marsh". Throughout the season, heavy rain or snowfall inundates the network of small rivers and ditches that meander their way across the marshes. The water level rises to such an extent that the marshlands become a vast lake where neither vegetation nor farming plots can be distinguished; only the winter birds seem to reign over the this vast landscape... a truly breathtaking sight!

Les marais blancs autour d'Isigny Grandcamp © otiigiA variety of walking routes offer you the opportunity to discover the site's rich and varied biodiversity. Succumb to the charm of our donkeys, horses, birdlife... and admire the awe-inspiring sight of our storks hunting across these vast 28,000-hectare damp prairies.

For many storks have taken up residence within the park and you are sure to see at least one or two of them if you are curious, alert... and quiet. And if these storks have chosen to settle in the marshes on their migratory route, it's not purely by chance: the environment is propitious to well-being and relaxation. Close to the coast, in the very heart of the Bay of Veys, if you are lucky, you may even see the colony of harbour seals that has established its yearly resting site amidst this sandy haven.


Isigny-Grandcamp, territoire de randonnées ©otiigiJust take to your walking shoes and enjoy a quiet stroll!

On your own, topographical guide in hand, or by group, the choice is yours. From April to September, the Isigny-Grandcamp Tourist Office organises a range of free discovery trails in the company of a guide. In the winter, our guide is also delighted to take you through the "white marsh" over a winter walk.

You can also enjoy a tour of the marshes via its waterways. Meandering your way through the marsh canals aboard a kayak couldn't be simpler, for the current here is virtually inexistent. You will encounter neither rapids, steep falls nor dangerous underwater rocks. Just row at your own pace aboard one of the kayaks available for hire in the village of Monfréville, or on a guided kayak tour - departures from Neuilly-la-Forêt.

A boat tour is another fun way to take full advantage of the great beauty of the landscape. River boating tours are available nearby, so feel free to ask for information at the tourist office or the Maison du Parc, a 500m² visitor centre, which offers a fascinating insight into the marshes.