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Shellfish gathering and sea fishing

The inhabitants of Grandcamp (locally referred to as "Grandcomerais") have a genuine passion for shellfish gathering, and they are not alone! Enthusiasts flock from near and far to unearth the seabed's finest treasures. During spring tides, and on authorised dates, the beach is transformed into a genuine "budding fishermen's paradise".

Many cast their lines off the harbourside in Grandcamp-Maisy and Isigny-sur-Mer, but just like shellfish gathering, they must abide by certain rules!


The Grandcamp-Maisy Town Council website presents a list of fishing options in the vicinity of the Grandcamp rocks :

peche à pied au large de Grandcamp« On this stretch of coast, which offers remarkable biodiversity, [fishing enthusiasts] can enjoy their favourite pastime, provided they abide by a few simple rules of sensible behaviour.
A great opportunity to gather shellfish and molluscs. Duly equipped with a "boutou" (shrimping net) they can collect prawns (Leander serratus or Palaemon serratus) and even velvet swimming crabs (Necora puber). Keen adventurers can try to catch these crabs by hand, along with spider crabs (Maja squinado) and brown crabs (Cancer pagurus). And the most experienced specialists can even hunt out lobster, whereas simple amateurs of all ages can revel in the simpler joys of mussel (Mytilus edulis) and winkle (Littorina littorea) gathering.

At all times, all participants must abide by current rules and regulations (with regard to size, quantity and authorised fishing periods). Particular care should be taken to protect the surrounding ecosystem by keeping a watchful eye, by returning any overturned stones to their original position, always with algae on the top to avoid them from spoiling.»

For further information, you can consult the Comité Régional des Pêches maritimes de Basse Normandie 

Line fishing is permitted in Grandcamp-Maisy harbour, and is also possible in Isigny-sur-Mer harbour as far as the tide gates. The size of the fish you are permitted to catch is also subject to regulations; all useful information can be found on the Comité Régional des pêches maritimes website.

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